I am a lifelong artist. Maybe it’s because I was an only child and a latch key kid left to spend hours entertaining myself. I would spend hours drawing whenever I could find the time, not to mention I would frequently get caught up in art projects at school for hours, getting so detailed and never having the time to finish them.

Fast forward to the mid 90’s, I was in college and took several drawing classes, photography classes and design classes. In 1999, I was doing photoshoots and in 2002, I even got to see some of my photos published (links upon request). But alas, my Pentax K1000 couldn’t keep up with digital, so I scrapped that and continued on with my love of drawing.

In July 2001, I had a solo art show¬† a small gallery in Clayton. I didn’t sell a damn thing, haha. And after a few commissioned art projects in ’01 and ’02, I put my art career on the backburner to focus on dance, yoga and my day job at an architectural firm in St. Louis.

In 2008, I started making my own jewelry out of animal bones. I was inspired by the natural beauty of a magical trip to visit my Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico. I was obsessed with collecting animal remains and curiosities. This is when Amorticious was born.

In 2015, I started painting and creating shadow boxes again, I had missed it and since then, I’ve sold over a dozen large paintings and over two dozen shadow boxes since.

In the years 2010 Р2020, I was involved in producing and co-producing many art shows both large and small, including the now infamous Naughti Gras at Koken Art Factory. In 2013, I produced and curated  my first art show at Mad Art Gallery called Spirit of the Muse, it was an astounding success with over 300 people attending.

Then in 2016, I began cutting my own linoleum blocks and making block prints. I found it to be very therapeutic. I also worked on developing my painting technique and subject matter. Each painting is a process and a step in the evolution of my art and soul.

In 2019, I started selling apparel and pins with my original designs on them, I have three right now (Little Baphi, Bananafoot and Artemis) and am currently work on two more designs (Hallo Krampus and Mari Lwyd) for release later this year!

In the meantime, I am still making jewelry, painting, printmaking and you can find me vending locally, nationally and internationally in 2021 and beyond as the Universe allows.

My jewelry is created with the intention to make the wearer feel powerful, special and confident. I always put a bit of personal magic into my art. So whether you’re buying a necklace, a print or a shirt, there is probably some kind of personal story that goes with it.

If you should meet me in public at an event, you should know that I love establishing relationships with my clients. I want to know about the beautiful people who wear my jewelry. So if you see me out come up and say hi! I love meeting new people.