Little known fact that in the 90’s I did artwork. I had an art show or two and I was also a published photographer (then along came digital….). I couldn’t make a living at it, so I set it down for a while to pursue my bellydance and work for an architect for over 10 years.

In 2015, I rekindled my romance with painting. I missed it and felt inspired by a friend of mine who would paint small paintings and sell them at a reasonable price to her fans. So I started painting again. It’s amazing to see the difference of my paintings and artwork now compared to the mid to late 90’s where I was a fledgling artist and art student. Even in just the past year an evolution of sorts in my paintings as I learn much about the mediums and artistic component and myself! I am super thankful for you tube and the help of my boyfriend and fellow artist, JT Walls. I feel like he has helped me more than some of the things I learned in art school.

This Friday, I will be an artist in a 33 artshow. 33 Artists. I will have 2 pieces – a print and a painting. I am super excited and a little nervous about putting myself out there as a visual artist again, since everyone knows I am a performance artist.

If you’re interested, here is a link to the free event!