Hello friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post on here! If you’ re reading this, thanks in advance!

2022 – what a year! Can we get a love and gratitude for that year? Was it challenging? Yes! Was it a year filled with life lessons? Yes! There was so much good about 2022 and a lot of hard times too. But we have to have balance, right?

I am grateful that I got to spend more time with my dad, continue to do the Oddities Expos, traveling to the Grand Canyon and Peru! I’m thankful for my friends, both new ones and old ones and eternally grateful for my health even though my physical body is not as healthy as it has been, but I’m working on it.

I had a lot of wins in 2022, but also some losses and moments I’m not exactly proud of and that’s ok. Not everything can be sunshine and rainbows because then there is no real growth.

In 2023, I’m focusing on making real life connections with people via my Patreon. I’m still developing those user friendly hikes for people who feel intimidated by large group hiking. These hikes are suitable for all levels since I tailor them to fit the people who rsvp. I am also carrying on with my graveyard crawls. We go to local and near local graveyards. I’ll share some tales, some info about the residents and some hot tea. We should also have plenty of time to walk around and take photos or when allowed in warmer months do gravestone rubbings. All my events are leave no trace or leave better than we found it. I have my schedule listed below for those whose interested. Links and location only given out to members in the 10$ and up level.

I’m also going to be putting up more boundaries regarding my time and energy. My time and energy are my most precious and limited resource and are valuable. Eliminating the nouns in my life that do not align with my highest self or have my best interests at heart including a lot of (not all) social media. Social media has always been a useful tool for me, but I need to keep it as a tool, not something I turn to when I want an ego boost.

And finally paying off house and credit debts so I can not have to worry about these trivial financial things in the future. Which by the way, I bought my first house at the end of 2021. I’m thrilled to be a home owner but wasn’t expecting to have to buy a new HVAC system so soon.

I continue to practice gratitude every day. Every fucking day. I give thanks for the experiences and people in my life, the lessons I have learned and opportunities that have come my way. Grateful for my closest friends and family.

So far in 2023, I have 3 new Patreon members, I’m booked for Naughti Gras, I updated my website and am co-leading a women’s adventure retreat in Bali/ Java March 2024! How is that for manifesting?

Feel free to drop me a line – I’d love to hear what you are thankful for or what your goals for the year and ongoing are. Until next time my friends, be kind, be grateful and be your beautiful authentic self.


Ami Amore’

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