With the recent launch of all three of my websites (I did it all myself by the way! It took forever but hey, at least it’s done!).

So check them out! Amorticious now has items for sale – it only took me 6 years! i will be updating the shop every couple weeks with new items or restocking items!

Exotic Rhythms got an update as well! So please check those out!


I also have these upcoming shows, appearances and performances:

Ami Amore’ – Undercover Cabaret at Nara Hookah on Washington -September 10th and 16th; October 7th & 28th; 11:30pm & 12:30am – Free! But bring dollars for tipping and buy a drink and hookah!!!!

Amorticious – Vending at GroveFEST StL on October 1st with my partner RobotsDestroy

Ami Amore’ and Amorticious – Doing all the things like teaching, performing and vending at Waking Persephone in Seattle, WA, October 14-16th 2016

Ami Amore’ and Amorticious – doing all the things again at Atomic City Bellydance’s Event the Atomic Apothecary! Paducah, KY October 22nd!

Ami Amore’ producing and performing, along with other talented and wonderful bellydancers in my very own production, now over 6 years in the running. Urban Cabaret, Friday, November 11th at Mad Art Gallery

Ami Amore’ and Amorticious – Producing my 1st craft show (also STL’s first Dark Arts A-Faire) and also vending my wares  at  Something Crafty This Way Comes – December 4th at Mad Art Gallery