A huge thank you to everyone who came out to my first bigger art show in 17 years. 17 years to the month since my last display of many works.

The date was July 7, 2017. The venue was Mad Art Gallery in Soulard. The artists were myself and JT Walls, my partner in crime and my love.

I had 22 pieces of art on display. Over 150 people attended.

It was an evening of visual art, fantastic performances, handmade scones (sundried tomato/basil and lavender) and a crazy artist running around wearing a gold cow pelvis (that could have been me….)

July 7th was the culmination of many months of hard work and planning. I would like to call it the little art show that could and did. By all means a successful show, great turnout and we actually SOLD art!!!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended, performed, took photos, bought some art or jewelry and mostly my partner, JT. Without his encouragement and mentoring, I would not have made it this far.

There was a lot of blood (literally), sweat and tears (all literally) that went into this production. Because it was more than a simple art opening. I never do anything small or half assed so you know you’re always going to get something extra ordinary if I have my way. (And I usually get my way… but I digress)

What’s next? Well, more art, more painting, trying new things and of course always honing my technique and learning. One should never stop learning. Yeah and in less than two weeks I start taking a metalsmithing course at the local college. Time to up the game.

Other future things on the horizon? You bet. A solo show sometime…..let’s be realistic and say late next year. Hoping I can do something dark and spooky. Plus traveling. expanding my block print making knowledge.

While my dancing has been on the back burner for part of 2017, it is still a huge part of my life. I’m at a crossroads in many ways and am refining and honing in on my dancing too. You’ll see me perform less but I promise the performances you see will be top notch. Quality not quantity.

Here’s a video of an interview JT and I did at our show with Kerry from HEC (Higher Education Channel)