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October came and went and now it’s November, fall is finally here, time for pumpkin pie and hitting the gym extra hard  to negate those extra calories and increase those endorphins! Here’s what new with me right now…

Dancewise…I’m currently working on my solo for the next Urban Cabaret, which is a 90’s theme. It’s amazing that I can easily choreograph group routines or solos for others, but have a hell of a time sitting down and staying focused on choreographies for me. So most of the time, I end up loosely choreographing my solos. Whereas, I map out meeting points in my movement, like I want this move to go here at this point in the music and I fill in the few gaps with improv. Now, this only really works if you’re able to feel the music and know the music inside and out.  Fortunately for me it does. And really, speaking of feeling the music, you should check out this amazing show at The Monocle on November 18th. I’m thrilled to share the stage with the passion on Los Flamencos as well as Korvina and Final Veil at Ole Habibi! A bellydance flamenco Fusion show.

The next thing I am working on is my syllabus for my upcoming workshops in Seattle/Tacoma areas this January! I’m really excited about teaching some dark veil and veil choreography and some new dark fusion moves and combos. I’m really excited about breaking out an awesome routine I only got to do once for their Horrific show also that weekend (plus I’m also vending). I’m also thankful to Tacoma Bellydance for having me out!

I just had an amazing shoot in a rustic location 2 weeks ago with the talented Carrie Meyer of The Dancers Eye.  

It’s always a bit chaotic for me to get ready for a shoot because I have a vision and throwing together a costume fro me is simply not enough. I worked down tot he wire to get my bra, headress and all the details in place. Thank goodness for friends like Shazza Dazzla, who took a sketch of the skirt and was able to turn it into reality and not only that but she helped out on the shoot itself, alot. I owe that woman everything. She really is my sister wife.

Sneak peek from my shoot with Carrie. Headress and necklace by me, skirt by Shazza Dazzla.

Producer me is working hard to promote Urban Cabaret. Urban Cabaret started in early 2010 and has now grown into what it is today. I am thankful for my ever talented cast of rotating and regular dancers of all levels from student to pro to bring you the best possible show. Also, I’m in the process of promotions for my 2nd year in the running, craft (anti craft) show Something Crafty This Way Comes. There will be around 30 vendors, family friendly entertainment, delicious food for purchase at Capitalist Pig  all in an overall fun atmosphere. Hoping to make it even bigger next year with more vendors!

How do I keep it all organized? LISTS, LIST and more LISTS! No joke. So many notebooks. No joke.

Visual artist me is working on new paintings always maybe not for a particular show but because painting is therapy. I’m going to continue with my skull-moth series and expand the ones I like best into prints and notecards. I have two weekends in a row in November of artshows that I have different paintings in including Dia De Los Muertos at the History Museum this weekend and Poptropolis next weekend at Koken! I’m steadily working on the sketch prototype for my 2017 Krampus block print with a new design for debut at Something Crafty This Way Comes 

Krampus 2017 WIP







Metalsmithing class is going amazing as expected. I got through my first class project with an A (it was the headdress I wore in my shoot a couple weeks ago). I’m learning soldering now and my next big project is to make a bezel pendant. This could be a game changer for Amorticious product line, but Rome was not built in a day and neither was my company! It’s taken 9 years to get here and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Teacher me has added on another yoga class at the studio once a month. Metal Rage Yoga Home Edition Ver 2.0, just 10$. It starts in November. I’ll still have my monthly Metal Flow class at the Crack Fox and of course Cats n Mats at Tenth Life and the weekly C/O Yoga classes.

Personally, I am trying to keep active. With the winter months, all I want to do is hide away and sleep and hermit in the studio doing nothing but painting and creative projects. I am lucky to have such a lovely set of friends to keep me social and a fantastic artner who supports my crazy ideas. I’ve met a lot of new and exciting people this year and have worked hard to get my name out there in some new circles.

I find it hard to wear so many hats and am currently seeking someone who can help me figure it all out (a business coach?). 2018 will continue the changes. After all the only thing that’s constant is change. I’m hoping to move  in 2018 and travel more. I’m trying to worry less and just be in the moment more. I’m carving out more time for just me and less time for things or people who take and don’t give. I’m spending more time being with and doing who and what I care about most. And always learning in the process, because after all, life is a process and a journey.

I am thankful for reconnecting with some of my blood family this year. It has been insightful, wonderful and a true blessing to say the least.

So, closing up here’s a throwback from last year’s November Urban Cabaret. Enjoy and hope to see you at the show. Feel free to purchase tickets here.


Ami Amore from Michael Pearce on Vimeo.

Where the heck can I find Ami Amore’ the rest of 2017?!?

If you like this picture go check out my friend’s site

Friends, I’m gearing up for a busy rest of the year.

Its going to be fun, challenging and a great time for growth as an artist and personally!

So here’s a list of where you find in all areas of my life from now through December 2017:

October 14th – Little Bo’s Creepshow Year 5 – I’ll be performing with my two favorites (JT and Booboo) doing a sexy little tribute to Salma Hayek

October 21st – I’ll be vending as Amorticious at Wolf Fest for the Endangered Wolf Center

October 28th – I’ll be vending as Amorticious at the SOLD OUT Witches Night Out in Eureka

November 4th and 5th – Dia de Los Muertos at Mo. History Museum – I’ll have artwork at this show!

November 10th – I have a show I produce now 8 years in the running called Ami Amore’s Urban Cabaret. It’s going to be an amazing night of bellydance – all set to a 1990’s soundtrack. You will not want to miss this show! Iwill be performing, vending and running the damn show! Come on out! Buy tickets here

November 11th – I’m an artist in Poptropolis ii an amazing night of whimsy and surprise!

November 13 – 8pm – Metal Flow Yoga at the Crack Fox 10$

November 18th – Ole, Habibi! A flamenco/ bellydance fusion show. With live music and dance at the Monocle. An amazing night I’m excited to be performing once again not only with Final Veil, but Los Flamencos also! Buy your tickets early!

November 19th – Stretching spectaculaire! An intense stretchshop at Van Ella Studios

December 3rd – Something Crafty This Way Comes – A dark arts a-faire FREE! I’m vending and producing this damn show!

December 6th – Cats n Mats Yoga at Tenth Life 15$ 5$ goes to me and the rest to them, tickets by presale only

December 9th – Van Ella Studio Showcase Spectacular! At 2720 I’m performing and I will have a group of dancers performing as well! So much fun!

December 11th – Metal Flow Yoga at the Crack Fox 

December 16th – 5-7pm – The Return of Hard Raks Cafe‘ at The Monocle. I’m performing and producing this sweet little show at a sweet little price of just 5$ at the door


Hand of Fate was a success!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to my first bigger art show in 17 years. 17 years to the month since my last display of many works.

The date was July 7, 2017. The venue was Mad Art Gallery in Soulard. The artists were myself and JT Walls, my partner in crime and my love.

I had 22 pieces of art on display. Over 150 people attended.

It was an evening of visual art, fantastic performances, handmade scones (sundried tomato/basil and lavender) and a crazy artist running around wearing a gold cow pelvis (that could have been me….)

July 7th was the culmination of many months of hard work and planning. I would like to call it the little art show that could and did. By all means a successful show, great turnout and we actually SOLD art!!!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended, performed, took photos, bought some art or jewelry and mostly my partner, JT. Without his encouragement and mentoring, I would not have made it this far.

There was a lot of blood (literally), sweat and tears (all literally) that went into this production. Because it was more than a simple art opening. I never do anything small or half assed so you know you’re always going to get something extra ordinary if I have my way. (And I usually get my way… but I digress)

What’s next? Well, more art, more painting, trying new things and of course always honing my technique and learning. One should never stop learning. Yeah and in less than two weeks I start taking a metalsmithing course at the local college. Time to up the game.

Other future things on the horizon? You bet. A solo show sometime…..let’s be realistic and say late next year. Hoping I can do something dark and spooky. Plus traveling. expanding my block print making knowledge.

While my dancing has been on the back burner for part of 2017, it is still a huge part of my life. I’m at a crossroads in many ways and am refining and honing in on my dancing too. You’ll see me perform less but I promise the performances you see will be top notch. Quality not quantity.

Here’s a video of an interview JT and I did at our show with Kerry from HEC (Higher Education Channel)

Applications now open for Something Crafty This Way Comes 2017!!!

Last year our alternative craft show was a great success! We had a fantastic lineup of vendors and a great turnout!

This year we hope for an even bigger turnout and more surprises! I think it’s going to be a splendid time! Hope to see you there!

Save the date… Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. 11am – 4pm

At Mad Art Gallery – 2727 S 12th St.

Free entry. Food for sale by Capitalist Pig. Live performances and demos.

Vendor applications accepted through August 31st, limited spot for around 30 vendors.

Pick the format that works for you!

Something Crafty app 2017 – Final

Something Crafty app 2017 – Final

Something Crafty app 2017 – Final


Exciting new changes!!!

So excited (and a tiny bit overwhelmed) about all the changes going on with my classes and such!

I have some exciting new offerings to share and have made a lot of changes to my schedule to accommodate going back to school part time (to take metalsmithing classes) and to generally do things that feed my soul.

Without further ado (drum roll please……)

My new schedule of regular and rotating classes starting May 2017:


11:00am Ami Amore’s Fast Track Bust Yo Ass Bootcamp (on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of each month)

1 – 3 pm The Original Ami Amore’s Bellydance Bootcamp (also on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of the month)

1-3pm Ami Amoreography at Van Ella Studios – A beginner level fusion bellydance veil choreography in 4 parts to be performed in an upcoming LVE student showcase (June 18th,23rd, July 2nd, 23rd) *I will have loaner veils for class.  30$ drop in per class or pay for the whole thing and save $$

3:15 – 4:15pm Bellymancing with Ami Amore’ – An exciting beginner level bellydance class only for men and those that identify as male gender. Performance opportunities will be provided for those who want them (weekly class 75$ session and 15$ drop ins)

5-6:15pm CO Yoga – All levels yoga class 5 years in the making taught by Ami Amore’. A fun yet relaxing yoga practice designed with you in mind. $10 drop in. Cash only.



3-3:55pm – Yoga / Mindfulness / Movement for teens (ages 11-17) In this class we will start with silence and centering, then begin to focus on our breath and breathing techniques as well as really tuning into how our bodies and minds are feeling, working towards developing an awareness of self. We will work towards quieting our active minds as we move mindfully into and out of basic and fun asanas (poses) set to uplifting music to develop coordination, grace, determination, strength and flexibility of mind and body. Each class will end with a soothing savasana. Taught at Diversified Health and Wellness Center in Kirkwood 15$ drop ins MUST PREPAY ONLINE THROUGH MIND/BODY

4-4:55pm – Tribal Fusion Bellydance for fitness and fun! Beginners only in this upbeat basics class! Ami will teach you the basics of bellydance with a fusion twist! We’re going to undulate, pulsate and shimmy, all while getting a fantastic workout that will help develop coordination, confidence, grace, muscle awareness like never before, better posture, stronger arms and core! Bring water to stay hydrated and be prepared to have fun and sweat! Also at DWHC in Kirkwood.  15$ drop ins MUST PREPAY ONLINE THROUGH MIND/BODY

5:30 – 7pm – Level 4 Bellydance and Troupe class – PRIVATE by invite only.

7:15pm – 8:15pm – Beyond the basics mixed level bellydance – By Invite only. Also the home of my student troupe, Mosaic Fusion. $15 drop ins or 75$ for a consecutive 6 week session.



6-7pm 1st Wednesday of every month – Cats n Mats Yoga at Tenth Life. Proceeds go to benefit the cat shelter. All levels yoga class. 18 and up and under 18 with parents permission! 10$ class prepay preregister only. Bring a mat.


I also teach private bellydance and yoga coaching all levels on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays based on availability, I charge 65$/hr. on up for a private session, inquire here.

New stuff in my world of dance, art and such!

Hi there! Is this thing on?!?

Been a busy past couple of months in the life of Ami Amore.

Busy with performances, most notably Naughti Gras, Maxi Glamour’s Queeriosity, Aalim’s Night at the Casbah and Rise & Scream. Looking forward to a few weeks of rest & relaxation before my Urban Cabaret show and Lola’s Student Showcase (April 14 & 15th respectively).

Live art at City of Night 3/9/17


Of course there was artwork to be done in between all the performances and classes I teach. A couple weeks ago I did live art at City of Night’s 3rd annual Night of Art, it was a fun events at Ready Room. This coming weekend I have art on display in Transcending the Spectrum at Westminster Press. Other than that I am getting ready for vending my wares at Cinco De Mayo on Cherokee St. and Crypticon KC in July.

Also looks like I will be making my way back to Seattle area next January for Horrific. I will not only be performing in the show but I will be vending and teaching TWO workshops! Yay!


New pieces listed on Amorticious:

Bat Cave Necklaces 30$

Small block prints just 10$







A current work in progress:

The High Preistess
Work in Progress







And a video by Michael Pearce of my performance at Queeriosity:

Ami Amore from Michael Pearce on Vimeo.

Celebrating 5 years of C/O Yoga

A little about the story of the resurgence of clothing optional yoga in St. Louis through my eyes.

The year is 2012, I had just gotten out of a relationship that had not only left me in an emotional bind, but a financial bind as well. Along with the studio I was teaching out of closing permanently and taking over the (expensive!) rent of what used to be a shared space, I had to make a go of it, so I set forth to convert my Cherokee loft home into my working studio.  Several hundred dollars later, i had myself my own dance/yoga/movement/community space. A serene retreat from the chaos of the outside world.

In 2010, I received my 200 hour RYT from West East Healing’s, Jaime Sanchez. I had every intention on utilizing my teaching skills that had already been put into practice for 8 years at that time with my dance students to teach the benefits of yoga. But being the out of the box person that I am, I needed to do something different. I knew that my classes were not going to be a stodgy, boring yoga class. they needed to be fun, create a sense of confidence and community and of course instill the principles of self awareness, self acceptance, prana and asana into our practice. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a creative spirit and an entrepreneur when it comes to trying new ways to make money, my name is also pretty much synonymous with the word community. Anyone who knew me back then, (even though an extrovert and a half naked performer!), I was extremely shy about getting undressed in front of other people. I was fine being naked around myself, but not thrilled with my body. Especially after years of judgement from family or “friends” calling me “fat”  or letting me know about all my imperfections and what the media tells us is beautiful.

I needed in my soul, to create this clothing optional group, it was my ticket to not only creating a wonderful community, making a bit of extra cash on the side, but it was key in getting me to finally start accepting my body and loving myself as I am imperfections and all. Clothing optional yoga is therapy. it is my therapy and yours too!

I knew of a naked men only yoga class in the South City area on Sundays in the last decade, then a friend of mine took over that studio and it had ceased (at least in that location). With the help of David Wraith or Sex Positive St. Louis, I held my first co ed clothing optional class here in this very studio in April of 2012. I went all in and found that I wasn’t as self conscious as I thought I would be!

5 years later, we have seen many wonderful changes including, growing into our own meetup group of over 700 yogis, adding on my dear friend, Maureen Hughes as another wonderful teacher (who has also been taking with me since the beginning!) and having 3 classes per week along with a bunch of amazing special events as well as a community of friends who, in reality, I could not live without. Some of the best friends I have made have been here in yoga. even a lot of the friends i have made through dance don’t compare to this group.

Our mission is simple, we provide a safe, no bullshit space for clothing optional yoga. Harassment and disrespect of any kind is simply not tolerated. No one will ever be turned away due to race, politics, gender, size or age. ALL are truly welcome here. This is a NON Judgement zone to practice yoga your way at your pace and level and at a price you can’t bat an eyelash at!

SCTWC – A big success!!

Something Crafty This Way Comes

Something Crafty This Way Comes

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support or vend or perform at my first craft show this past Sunday!!! It was an amazing time! Almost 400 people showed up to shop and peruse wares from local artists and crafters!

Not to mention we raised 225$ for Stray Rescue of St. Louis!!! Yay!!!

There will be a next year, save the date for sure the first Sunday of December! Location tentatively Mad Art. Applications go up late spring or early summer.

Here’s a few pictures from the event…

img_1440 img_1445 img_1446

Full Steam Ahead for a busy Autumn!

With the recent launch of all three of my websites (I did it all myself by the way! It took forever but hey, at least it’s done!).

So check them out! Amorticious now has items for sale – it only took me 6 years! i will be updating the shop every couple weeks with new items or restocking items!

Exotic Rhythms got an update as well! So please check those out!


I also have these upcoming shows, appearances and performances:

Ami Amore’ – Undercover Cabaret at Nara Hookah on Washington -September 10th and 16th; October 7th & 28th; 11:30pm & 12:30am – Free! But bring dollars for tipping and buy a drink and hookah!!!!

Amorticious – Vending at GroveFEST StL on October 1st with my partner RobotsDestroy

Ami Amore’ and Amorticious – Doing all the things like teaching, performing and vending at Waking Persephone in Seattle, WA, October 14-16th 2016

Ami Amore’ and Amorticious – doing all the things again at Atomic City Bellydance’s Event the Atomic Apothecary! Paducah, KY October 22nd!

Ami Amore’ producing and performing, along with other talented and wonderful bellydancers in my very own production, now over 6 years in the running. Urban Cabaret, Friday, November 11th at Mad Art Gallery

Ami Amore’ and Amorticious – Producing my 1st craft show (also STL’s first Dark Arts A-Faire) and also vending my wares  at  Something Crafty This Way Comes – December 4th at Mad Art Gallery

Born Again Artist

Little known fact that in the 90’s I did artwork. I had an art show or two and I was also a published photographer (then along came digital….). I couldn’t make a living at it, so I set it down for a while to pursue my bellydance and work for an architect for over 10 years.

In 2015, I rekindled my romance with painting. I missed it and felt inspired by a friend of mine who would paint small paintings and sell them at a reasonable price to her fans. So I started painting again. It’s amazing to see the difference of my paintings and artwork now compared to the mid to late 90’s where I was a fledgling artist and art student. Even in just the past year an evolution of sorts in my paintings as I learn much about the mediums and artistic component and myself! I am super thankful for you tube and the help of my boyfriend and fellow artist, JT Walls. I feel like he has helped me more than some of the things I learned in art school.

This Friday, I will be an artist in a 33 artshow. 33 Artists. I will have 2 pieces – a print and a painting. I am super excited and a little nervous about putting myself out there as a visual artist again, since everyone knows I am a performance artist.

If you’re interested, here is a link to the free event!

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