Hi there! Is this thing on?!?

Been a busy past couple of months in the life of Ami Amore.

Busy with performances, most notably Naughti Gras, Maxi Glamour’s Queeriosity, Aalim’s Night at the Casbah and Rise & Scream. Looking forward to a few weeks of rest & relaxation before my Urban Cabaret show and Lola’s Student Showcase (April 14 & 15th respectively).

Live art at City of Night 3/9/17


Of course there was artwork to be done in between all the performances and classes I teach. A couple weeks ago I did live art at City of Night’s 3rd annual Night of Art, it was a fun events at Ready Room. This coming weekend I have art on display in Transcending the Spectrum at Westminster Press. Other than that I am getting ready for vending my wares at Cinco De Mayo on Cherokee St. and Crypticon KC in July.

Also looks like I will be making my way back to Seattle area next January for Horrific. I will not only be performing in the show but I will be vending and teaching TWO workshops! Yay!


New pieces listed on Amorticious:

Bat Cave Necklaces 30$

Small block prints just 10$







A current work in progress:

The High Preistess
Work in Progress







And a video by Michael Pearce of my performance at Queeriosity:

Ami Amore from Michael Pearce on Vimeo.