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Friends, I’m gearing up for a busy rest of the year.

Its going to be fun, challenging and a great time for growth as an artist and personally!

So here’s a list of where you find in all areas of my life from now through December 2017:

October 14th – Little Bo’s Creepshow Year 5 – I’ll be performing with my two favorites (JT and Booboo) doing a sexy little tribute to Salma Hayek

October 21st – I’ll be vending as Amorticious at Wolf Fest for the Endangered Wolf Center

October 28th – I’ll be vending as Amorticious at the SOLD OUT Witches Night Out in Eureka

November 4th and 5th – Dia de Los Muertos at Mo. History Museum – I’ll have artwork at this show!

November 10th – I have a show I produce now 8 years in the running called Ami Amore’s Urban Cabaret. It’s going to be an amazing night of bellydance – all set to a 1990’s soundtrack. You will not want to miss this show! Iwill be performing, vending and running the damn show! Come on out! Buy tickets here

November 11th – I’m an artist in Poptropolis ii an amazing night of whimsy and surprise!

November 13 – 8pm – Metal Flow Yoga at the Crack Fox 10$

November 18th – Ole, Habibi! A flamenco/ bellydance fusion show. With live music and dance at the Monocle. An amazing night I’m excited to be performing once again not only with Final Veil, but Los Flamencos also! Buy your tickets early!

November 19th – Stretching spectaculaire! An intense stretchshop at Van Ella Studios

December 3rd – Something Crafty This Way Comes – A dark arts a-faire FREE! I’m vending and producing this damn show!

December 6th – Cats n Mats Yoga at Tenth Life 15$ 5$ goes to me and the rest to them, tickets by presale only

December 9th – Van Ella Studio Showcase Spectacular! At 2720 I’m performing and I will have a group of dancers performing as well! So much fun!

December 11th РMetal Flow Yoga at the Crack Fox 

December 16th – 5-7pm – The Return of Hard Raks Cafe‘ at The Monocle. I’m performing and producing this sweet little show at a sweet little price of just 5$ at the door