Hey friends! Ami Amore here and I want to take a moment to talk about something I am really excited to be involved in right now with some like-minded friends.

It’s a stunning, must see variety show of Four Queens. This is no ordinary experience. Four talented women embody the four Queens of the Tarot taking you, the audience, on a spiritual journey leaving you feel empowered and invigorated with the essence of feminine badassery.

“This is a stunning, must-see variety show featuring mediumship, burlesque, bellydance, and circus arts. All woven together by the theme of the Divine Feminine.

As it is represented in the four suits of the tarot… We begin with Pentacles, separating the mystical veil between the living and the dead. Then moving through the suits with Swords, representing strength and power. Cups, the purity of compassion and empathy. Finally, we end with Wands, the fire of passion and sensuality.

This dazzling show will leave audiences breathless, feeling empowered and touched by the sacred feminine.”

Please join us for our first show debuting in our town of St. Louis. MO on Saturday, February 29th at the Monocle, 4-6pm. Tickets are 20$ (+ .91 in fees) in advance and 30$ at the door. Please see the Facebook event page here and be sure to tell all your friends. Buy your tickets on this page here because seating is limited and it will be sure to sell out ahead of time.