Really, there are no words to express how I feel about 2020 and even if I found them, I am sure you could probably say many of the same things. I came back from UK in March to basically no job due to Covid shut downs and outbreaks. Since then, I moved to Paducah, KY and left Cherokee Street behind for a while so I could take some time for myself and focus on the next chapter of my life.

As is typical with me, I took this as an opportunity to change, adapt and grow. I love change, change to live/ live to change. I’m still doing dance and performance but mostly for me now. Now my path is on my spirituality, health, jewelry, art and some exciting new projects I’ll have in the works for 2021 and beyond (more about those later).

Patreon still going strong

In January 2021, I’ll be celebrating 2 years of my Patreon! I’m planning on doing some special giveaways for Patrons there and maybe some other events. I didn’t realize when I started this how much I wish to create community and a personal experience as well as providing a space for students, friends and fans of mine to learn, create and feel truly rewarded for being a patron.

Exciting plans for 2021 on Patreon include a day in the life (virtually follow me around for a day and see what i do all day everyday), a sneak peek into my graveyard project, discounted online workshops on topics TBA (headdress making, printmaking, painting with acrylic) sword choreography, double sword workshop, The Dope Show choreo, veil workshop, more crafting zoom sessions, more giveaways, more dance classes and yoga sessions.

In December on my Patreon, all members can expect another monthly zoom crafting session on December 12th another early release performance video and help me decide what charity to donate a portion of my monthly Patreon earnings to!

My 10$ and up levels can expect more dance and yoga videos (I have 3-4 dance ones including a full 90 minute bootcamp and weekly metal and more yoga videos!). 20$ and up levels can expect fanmail from me to you to show my appreciation.

My goal for 2021 is to have 100 Patrons or be making 1000$ a month after Patreon takes out their fees. I still have a way to go and sometimes I feel like I’m fighting and uphill battle, but still confident I can make this a reality. While Patrons come and go quickly and others stay for a long time, I appreciate all Patrons immensely.

I hope you will join me on my Patreon. You will find I am pretty consistent and I have a lot more exciting plans in the works for 2021 and beyond. In January, to commemorate 2 years, I’m having a few contests, releasing a full choreography, and another full bootcamp. Plus all the normal benefits of being a Patron! Also right now if you pay ahead for an annual membership, you get a discount of 10% which is like getting a month free and then some! Learn more here

Amorticious on Etsy

September 2020 was an exciting and busy month with the grand opening of my long awaited Etsy Shoppe on the new moon! It was a long time in the making and to be honest, the pandemic was just what I needed to get my ass in gear and get it together.

Currently I do monthly updates coinciding with every new moon. The December update is scheduled for December 14th. I’ll have some restocks, exciting new offerings like fancy ass hair clips and glass encased snake skin jewelry (part of a new line of jewelry I’m slowly developing).

In the coming months, people can expect to find stained glass jewelry on my site as I am teaching myself how to do stained glass. So if you’re looking for a unique last minute holiday or yule gift check out my Etsy shop and take comfort in the fact that you are helping an independent artist.

For the love of dance…

In 2020 I found a rekindled love of dance. I was quite frankly burnt out when the pandemic happened, I had been burnt out for a while. In hindsight, I should have given myself more time away when Anthony died, but I didn’t. I had time to refocus on my own dancing and have used this time to take with other instructors online maybe I couldn’t otherwise take from, connect with some amazing dancers from all over the world including Sweden, UK and South America, develop some new material, rekindle my passion for dancing and developing my craft.

Right now, I am teaching a Monday nights dance class called Manic Mondays that runs through Dec.21st and is available for replay later. This is taught through my friend Shyama who has an online studio and group I belong to called The Stygian Collective. Honestly being a part of that group has been a real blessing for me, I have been enjoying the online community of it all and the online shows I’ve performed in and especially the online festival called the Descent that I got to teach at. I felt pretty lost after the pandemic hit, but I am finding my way and making new friends! Shyama does a good job at making sure that the online things really are the next best thing to being in person!

Check out the next show I’ll be in on December 31st produced by two sirens I know Lisa and Liz, performing a special dedication piece. The Midnight Frolic I hope to virtually see you there!

More on a personal note…

I have a mere 10 hikes left to complete the 52 hike challenge. Can I do it? We’ll see. It’s been an interesting collection of fungal porn, fighting a tired back, getting lost and random meetings with deer in the woods.

I started lifting weights again and can really see a difference in my arms! I’ve been surely regaining strength in my back and doing daily yoga practice helps keep my back limber and lessens the appearance of that T12 that wants to stick out.

In 2021, I have a new project in the works I’m calling the graveyard project until I can find something more clever to call it. I don’t want to say much about it just yet, but you know me and I will make a big blah blah post when I get it figured out and get the ball rolling.

Hoping for more traveling in 2021 with business and personal, but also not holding my breath. Right now Amorticious is scheduled to vend in 13 cities including in no particular order: St. Louis, Nola, Chicago, Indy, KC, Knoxville, Richmond, Tampa, Portland, Denver, Little Rock, Columbus and Austin. If 2021 doesn’t happen, I’ll try again in 2022. Hoping to go to Thailand or Bali in late 2021 or early 2022.

That’s all I have time for this month folks, so stay tuned for the next monthly post around January 1st. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. Please stay warm, stay safe and try not to isolate too much. Even the online zoom visits or a phone call can do wonders for morale and mental health.


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